Touchy Subjects
Survivor Challenge
Description Basically a popularity contest.
Appearance(s) 'TC: Battle of the Teams
Survivor: Cape Verde'
Game Link Link

Touchy Subjects is a challenge that originated in TC: Battle of the Teams.


Here’s how it works, you’re gonna answer a series of questions about your fellow tribe mates. You will submit 2 answers.

The first answer is what you think. You will answer honestly about which of your fellow tribe mates best fits the question. You cannot say yourself.

The second answer is who you think the group voted for. You are trying to guess the most common answer. You may have the same answer as the first one or a different and here you can use yourself as an answer.

I will calculate the answer’s using your first answers. In the second answer, if you guess correctly you score a point. Each question is worth one point. The person with the most amount of points will win immunity. In the case that first place is tied, the person who submits first will win immunity.


In TC: Battle of the Teams it was used as a Team Challenge.

Episode Challenge Type Winner
TC: Battle of the Teams
Episode 9
Team Challenge ██ Team e-LEMON-ators

In Survivor: Cape Verde it was used as a Individual Immunity Challenge.

Episode Challenge Type Winner
Survivor: Cape Verde
Episode 16
Individual Immunity Owen SCV
Owen Hella

Most Common Answers

Question Most Common Answer Question Most Common Answer
Who is the nicest player? JaeMin K S1Jen W S1Jess SCV Who do you think is the funniest player? Tomika P S1
Who do you think is the most annoying player? Mario S S1 Which player remaining would you want
to play with again?
JaeMin K S1
If you could meet one of the players in real
life, who would you want to meet?
JaeMin K S1 Who most deserves to win this game? JaeMin K S1
Who does not deserve to win this game? Mario S S1 If you could remove one person from the
game who would you pick?
Mario S S1
Which player is most likely to start a fight? Tomika P S1 Which player is most likely to involve
themselves in a fight?
Mario S S1Tomika P S1
Which player seems the most selfish? Mario S S1 Who does not deserve to still be here? Conor SCV
Who most needs a wake-up call in life? Nic R SCV Who would you trust with your life? Dane SCV
Who mistakenly thinks they’re smart? Anthony SCV Who would you most like to be stranded with? Owen SCV
Who would do the best on the actual show Survivor? Owen SCV Who is most likely to stab you in the back? Dane SCV
Who has not lived up to their potential? Anthony SCV Who mistakenly thinks they’re running this game? Owen SCV
Who most easily succumbs to intimidation? Duncan SCV Who is the most annoying? Dane SCV
Who will for sure win this game if they make it to FTC? Owen SCV Other than yourself, who would you most like to see win? Duncan SCVOwen SCV
Who never shuts up? Dane SCV Who is the biggest poser? Duncan SCV
Who are you surprised to see make it this far? Conor SCV Who do you hope to never talk to again? Duncan SCV

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