The Challenge: Fresh Meat
Version The Challenge
Season 10
Filming Location Australia
Season Run September 2, 2015 -
November 6, 2015
Episodes 16
Host(s) Ryan & Mandy
Contestants 24
Winner(s) Ryan Matthew
Hunter Reed
Runner(s)-up JaeMin Kim
Junior Herrera
Jen Wyatt
Vince Young
Nic Reichert
Rhea Giuliana
Series Chronology
Previous Season 'BB Redemption'
Next Season 'I Love Money'

The Challenge: Fresh Meat is the third season of The Challenge and the tenth installment on Ryan's Reality Network. #Rynter was the winner, beating #JunMin, #Ven & #Rhic.


Applications for the season were first released on August 15, 2015. The application was done online. It consisted of general information about the applicants. the blog is RRNFreshMeat and the tag is #RRNFreshMeat.



Alumni Original Season Fresh Meat Partner Finish
Ryan FM Ryan Matthew Gold Stars TC: Free Agents Hunter FM Hunter Reed Gold Stars 1st Place
JaeMin FM JaeMin Kim Diamond Stars TC: Battle of the Teams Junior FM Junior Herrera Gold Stars 2nd Place
Jen FM Jen Wyatt Silver Stars TC: Battle of the Teams Vince FM Vince Young Bronze Stars 3rd Place
Nic FM Nic Reichert Diamond Stars TC: Battle of the Teams Rhea FM Rhea Giuliana Bronze Stars 4th Place
Laura FM Laura Bae Gold Stars TC: Free Agents Amelia FM Ari Stripey Bronze Stars 5th Place
Mario FM Mario Johnson Gold Stars TC: Battle of the Teams Jordan FM Jordan Pines Bronze Stars 6th Place
Dane FM Dane Pitts Bronze Stars TC: Battle of the Teams Miranda FM Miranda Wowart Silver Stars 7th Place
Dom FM Dom Bae Bronze Stars TC: Free Agents MJ FM MJ Jones Gold Stars 8th Place
Elliott FM Elliott Hesson Diamond Stars TC: Free Agents Jake FM Jake Mastro 9th Place
Grace FM Grace Courtney Bronze Stars TC: Free Agents Scott FM Scott Maxwell Silver Stars 10th Place
Josh FM Josh Calhoun Silver Stars TC: Battle of the Teams Masen FM Masen Kuppler Bronze Stars 11th Place
Jack FM TC: Battle of the Teams Matt FM Matt Summers Bronze Stars 12th Place

Cast Photos

Hunter FM
Amelia FM
Junior FM
Miranda FM
Scott FM
Jordan FM
Jake FM
Matt FM
Vince FM
Masen FM
Rhea FM
Ryan FM
Laura FM
JaeMin FM
Dane FM
Dom FM
Grace FM
Mario FM
Elliott FM
Jack FM
Jen FM
Josh FM
Nic FM


Prior to the season, each of the 12 newcomers (referred to as "Fresh Meat") participate in a series of challenges to test their skills. Each alumnus selects one of the rookies to be their partner for the entire season, using the stats from the pre-season challenges.

In odd-numbered episodes, teams participate in a challenge. Challenges are sometimes called "missions." The winners of the challenge have immunity from going into Exile, and selects one team to go into Exile. The remaining teams get together to vote for the other Exile team; the winning team and their pick for the Exile are not present during the process. Each individual gets a vote, and voting is not secret. The team with the most votes is picked to go into Exile.

In even-numbered episodes, teams participate in another challenge. If one of the two teams picked for Exile wins the challenge, referred to as winning the "pardon", they can select another team to go into Exile in their place, however, they cannot pick the team that won the previous challenge as that team has immunity. The challenge of this episode is followed by the Exile.

Exile is a race between two teams. Unlike the elimination games of other seasons of The Challenge, the remaining teams do not watch the battle between the two Exile teams. The Exile teams run a course and whoever crosses the finish line first stays, while the other team goes home.

Draft Selections

Each of the 12 Fresh Meat cast members participated in a multi-challenge obstacle course, testing their strength, stamina, and mental ability. The multi-challenge obstacle course included:

The Bridge Game
Triangle 2048

The alumni used the stats from each player's obstacle course performance to determine their partner.

Pick # Alumni Draft Pick Team
1 Ryan Matthew Hunter Reed      Ryan & Hunter
2 Laura Bae Amelia Stripey      Laura & Amelia
3 JaeMin Kim Junior Herrera      JaeMin & Junior
4 Dane Pitts Miranda Wowart      Dane & Miranda
5 Dom Bae MJ Jones      Dom & MJ
6 Grace Courtney Scott Maxwell      Grace & Scott
7 Mario Johnson Jordan Pines      Mario & Jordan
8 Elliott Allums Jake Mastro      Elliott & Jake
9 Jack Estavanik Matt Summers      Jack & Matt
10 Jen Wyatt Vince Young      Jen & Vince
11 Josh Knowles Masen Kuppler      Josh & Masen
12 Nic Reichert Rhea Giuliana      Nic & Rhea

Game Summary

Elimination Chart

Episode Challenge Winners Winners' Pick Voted Into Exile Exile Outcome
# Challenge Winning Team Losing Team
1 Block Out Ryan & Hunter Nic & Rhea1 Jack & Matt
2 Paddleball Nic & Rhea Grace & Scott Grace & Scott Jack & Matt
3 Post It Jen & Vince Grace & Scott Ryan & Hunter
4 Helicopter Ryan & Hunter2 Josh & Masen Grace & Scott Josh & Masen
5 Know-It-All Jen & Vince Dane & Miranda Grace & Scott
6 Sliders JaeMin & Junior Dane & Miranda Grace & Scott
7 Where In The World JaeMin & Junior Ryan & Hunter Elliott & Jake
8 Asteroids Mario & Jordan Ryan & Hunter Elliott & Jake
9 Tournament Ryan & Hunter JaeMin & Junior Laura & Amelia
10 Simon Says JaeMin & Junior Dom & MJ Laura & Amelia Dom & MJ
11 Space Is Key JaeMin & Junior Ryan & Hunter Dane & Miranda
12 Multitask Mario & Jordan Ryan & Hunter Dane & Miranda
13 Island Runner JaeMin & Junior Ryan & Hunter Mario & Jordan
14 Cyroad JaeMin & Junior Ryan & Hunter Mario & Jordan
15 Reaction Time Jen & Vince Laura & Amelia Ryan & Hunter
Wings JaeMin & Junior Ryan & Hunter Laura & Amelia
1. Nic & Rhea won the Pardon and selected Grace & Scott to take their place.
2. Ryan & Hunter won the Pardon and selected to take their place.

Voting History

Player Episodes
1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15
Hunter Win#DoMJ#DoMJExileWinExileExile#JunMin
JaeMin #Mack#Mirandane#GrottWinExileWinWin#Rynter
Jen #MackWinWin#Mirandane#Mirandane#Mirandane#MardanWin
Junior #Mack#Jelliott#GrottWinExileWinWin#Rynter
Nic Exile#Rynter#Grott#Jelliott#DoMJ#Mirandane#Mardan#Rynter
Rhea Exile#Rynter#Grott#Jelliott#DoMJ#Mirandane#Mardan#Rynter
Ryan Win#DoMJ#DoMJExileWinExileExile#JunMin
Vince #MackWinWin#Mirandane#Mirandane#Mirandane#MardanWin
Laura #Mack#Rynter#Grott#Jelliott#Laurmelia x5#Rhic#MardanExile
Amelia #Jelliott#Rynter#Grott#Jelliott#Rhic#Rhic#MardanExile
Mario #Mack#Rynter#Grott#Jelliott#Rhic#Mirandane#Laurmelia
Jordan #Mack#Rynter#Rynter#Jelliott#Mirandane#Mirandane#Laurmelia
Dane #Jelliott#DoMJExile#DoMJ#DoMJ#Rhic
Miranda #Ven#DoMJExile#DoMJ#DoMJ#Rhic
Dom #Mack#Rynter#Grott#Jelliott#Rhic
MJ #Jelliott#Rynter#Grott#Jelliott#Rhic
Elliott #Mack#DoMJ#DoMJ#DoMJ
Jake #Mack#DoMJ#DoMJ#DoMJ
Grace #JelliottExile#DoMJ
Scott #JelliottExile#DoMJ
Josh #Jelliott#Jelliott
Masen #Mack#Rynter
Jack #Jelliott
Matt #Jelliott

Episode progress

Team Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Finale
Ryan & Hunter WinSafeExileWinSafeSafeExileExileWinSafeExileExileExileExileExileWinner
JaeMin & Junior SafeSafeSafeSafeSafeWinWinSafeExileWinWinSafeWinWinWinRunner Up
Jen & Vince SafeSafeWinSafeWinSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeWinRunner Up
Nic & Rhea ExileWinSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeRunner Up
Laura & Amelia SafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeExileExileSafeSafeSafeSafeOut
Mario & Jordan SafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeWinSafeSafeSafeWinExileOut
Dane & Miranda SafeSafeSafeSafeExileExileSafeSafeSafeSafeExileOut
Dom & MJ SafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeOut
Elliott & Jake SafeSafeSafeSafeSafeSafeExileOut
Grace & Scott SafeExileExileExileExileOut
Josh & Masen SafeSafeSafeOut
Jack & Matt ExileOut
     The team won the competition.
     The team did not win the final challenge.
     The team won the challenge.
     The team was put into Exile.
     The team won the Exile.
     The team won the pardon in an episode that had a mission winner.
     The team was put into Exile by another team that won a pardon and won.
     The team lost in the Exile and was eliminated.
     The team was removed from the competition due to injuries.

Challenge Placings

Draft Team Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Finale
1 Ryan & Hunter 1241575213
2 Laura & Amelia 31259242854
3 JaeMin & Junior 103810611521
4 Dane & Miranda 61173827632
5 Dom & MJ 84971053866
7 Mario & Jordan 47108968186
10 Jen & Vince 5515184445
12 Nic & Rhea 6 166486776
8 Elliott & Jake 29343893
6 Grace & Scott 8611273
11 Josh & Masen 118210
9 Jack & Matt 1110

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