The Challenge: Cutthroat
Cutthroat Logo
Version The Challenge
Season 19
Filming Location Panama
Season Run May 9, 2016-
June 5, 2016
Episodes 8
Host(s) Ryan
Contestants 25
Teams Blue Team
Grey Team
Red Team
Series Chronology
Previous Season 'Mind Mayhem'
Next Season 'Survivor: Animal Crossing'

The Challenge: Cutthroat is the fifth season of The Challenge and the ninteenth installment on Ryan's Reality Network.


Applications for the season were first released on April 17, 2016. The application was done online. It consisted of general information about the applicants. the blog is RRNTheCutthroat and the tag is #RRNCutthroat.



Red Team
Player Place
Connor C Connor Wentworth Silver Stars
19, Australia Australia
Kait C Kait Reid Gold Stars
23, United States USA
Pat C Pat Smith Bronze Stars
24, Canada Canada
Carson C Carson Chapman
17, United States USA
12th Place
Episode 7
Alex C Alex Lopez
22, United States USA
15th Place
Episode 5
Hunter C Hunter Reed Gold Stars
18, United States USA
16th Place
Episode 5
Cole C Cole Kaminsky
19, United States USA
19th Place
Episode 3
Pippa C Pippa Crosby
16, United States USA
21st Place
Episode 3
Bran C Bran Morton
18, United States USA
22nd Place
Episode 2
Grey Team
Player Place
Elliott C Elliott Hesson Diamond Stars
27, United States USA
Kiersten C Kiersten Chomiak Gold Stars
19, Canada Canada
MJ C MJ Jones Gold Stars
18, United States USA
Teddy C Teddy Jonas Gold Stars
24, United States USA
Andrew C Andrew Gentile
18, United States USA
11th Place
Episode 7
JaeMin C JaeMin Kim Diamond Stars
27, United States USA
18th Place
Episode 4
Dom C Dom Bae Bronze Stars
23, United States USA
23rd Place
Episode 2
Rhea C Rhea Giuliana Bronze Stars
21, Canada Canada
25th Place
Episode 1
Blue Team
Player Place
Drew C Drew Heuser Gold Stars
26, United States USA
2nd Runner-Up
Nic C Nic Reichert Diamond Stars
26, United States USA
2nd Runner-Up
Jordan C Jordan Pines Bronze Stars
17, Canada Canada
10th Place
Episode 7
Jen C Jen Wyatt Silver Stars
26, United States USA
Episode 6
Mario C Mario Johnson Gold Stars
23, United States USA
Episode 6
Vince C Vince Young Bronze Stars
16, United States USA
17th Place
Episode 4
Will C Will Ramos
24, United States USA
20th Place
Episode 3
Roy C Roy Jenkins
20, United States USA
24th Place
Episode 1


This season of The Challenge features a brand new format, consisting of three teams — Red vs. Blue vs. Grey. The three teams will participate in numerous challenges called missions, which are followed by an elimination challenge, known as the "Gulag." The team who wins a challenge will win immunity from the Gulag.

The two losing teams will then be forced to choose two players from their own teams for possible elimination. Each player will cast secret votes to decide which two will battle in the Gulag. The winning players will rejoin their respective teams and stay in the game while the losing players will be eliminated from the game.

In the event a vote is tied, a run-off vote is conducted. If the run-off does not resolve the tie, the player going into the Gulag from the opposing team selects any member of the other team to send to the Gulag.


Challenge Games

  • Jungle Shooter: In this game you will have to try and shoot moving targets and get points.
  • Figure It Out: In this mission you will have to figure out a sequence of puzzles first to be the winning team. The team that completes the puzzles first will win this mission, the other two teams will vote 2 of their members into the Gulag.
First you will have to find your logic puzzle hidden somewhere on this blog. It is hidden on a page that is titled as 6 different digits. So for example you could find it on or The digits can be any number 0-9, there are no repeating digits. Don’t worry you will get some clues.
Once you find the page you will have instructions to solve a logic puzzle. A logic puzzle is a puzzle deriving from the mathematics field of deduction. You will be shown a grid, and be given clues that will help you figure out what pieces of information belong in what box. Once you have edited the image provided and inserted the correct pieces of information submit it to the blog. The first team to submit the correctly solved logic puzzle to the blog will win this mission!

Gulag Games


Game Summary

Elimination Chart

Episode Mission Winner Gulag Vote Gulag Game Gulag
# Challenge Red Grey Blue Winner Loser
1 Jungle Shooter Red Team Rhea Mario Tetris Mario Rhea
Dom Roy Dom Roy
2 Figure It Out Blue Team Cole Dom Death Dice Cole Dom
Bran JaeMin JaeMin Bran
3 Stairway to Hell Grey Team Pippa Will Death Dice Pippa
Cole Mario Mario Cole
4 Pogo Swing Red Team JaeMin Mario Tetris Mario JaeMin
Elliott Vince Elliott Vince
5 Trivia Drop Off Blue Team Hunter Elliott Chisel Elliott Hunter
Alex Teddy Teddy Alex
6 Blocky Game Red Team Kiersten Mario Chisel Mario1
Andrew Drew Jen1
7 Carson Andrew Jordan Solipskier Pat Carson
Pat Kiersten Nic Kiersten Andrew
Nic Jordan
8 Finale Grey Team 2nd Place: Red Team; 3rd Place: Blue Team
1. Jen and Mario were both removed for comments in the game and the Gulag was canceled.

Cutthroat Progress

Players Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Finale
Elliott SafeSafeWinGulagGulagSafeSafeWINNERS
Kiersten SafeSafeWinSafeSafeSafeGulagWINNERS
MJ SafeSafeWinSafeSafeSafeSafeWINNERS
Teddy SafeSafeWinSafeGulagSafeSafeWINNERS
Connor WinSafeSafeWinSafeWinSafeSecond
Kait WinSafeSafeWinSafeWinSafeSecond
Pat WinSafeSafeWinSafeWinGulagSecond
Drew SafeWinSafeSafeWinSafeSafeThird
Nic SafeWinSafeSafeWinSafeGulagThird
Jordan SafeWinSafeSafeWinSafeOut
Andrew SafeSafeWinSafeSafeSafeOut
Carson WinSafeSafeWinSafeWinOut
Jen SafeWinSafeSafeWinOut
Mario GulagWinGulagGulagWinOut
Alex WinSafeSafeWinOut
Hunter WinSafeSafeWinOut
Vince SafeWinSafeOut
JaeMin SafeGulagWinOut
Cole WinGulagOut
Will SafeWinOut
Pippa WinSafeOut
Bran WinOut
Dom GulagOut
Roy Out
Rhea Out


     The contestant is on the Red team.
     The contestant is on the Blue team.
     The contestant is on the Grey team.
     The contestant's team won the competition.
     The contestant's team did not win the final challenge.
     The contestant's team won the challenge and was safe from the Gulag.
     The contestant's team lost the challenge, but the contestant was not chosen for the Gulag.
     The contestant was chosen for the Gulag, but did not have to compete.
     The contestant won the Gulag.
     The contestant won the Gulag by default.
     The contestant lost the Gulag and was eliminated.
     The contestant did not compete in the Gulag and was removed.
     The contestant was removed from the competition.

Gulag Votes

Red Team Episodes Total Votes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Connor N/A Cole Pippa N/A Hunter N/A Carson 3
Bran Cole Alex Pat
Kait N/A Cole Pippa N/A Hunter N/A Carson 1
Bran Cole Alex Pat
Pat N/A Cole Pippa N/A Hunter N/A Carson 3
Bran Cole Alex Pat
Carson N/A Cole Pat N/A Hunter N/A Carson 7
Bran Cole Alex Carson
Alex N/A Cole Pippa N/A Carson 7
Bran Cole Alex
Hunter N/A Cole Pippa N/A Carson 7
Pippa Cole Kait
Cole N/A Alex Connor 15
Cole Cole
Pippa N/A Hunter Hunter 6
Cole Connor
Bran N/A Alex 5
Grey Team Episodes Total Votes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Elliott Elliott Dom N/A MJ Andrew Kiersten Andrew 11
Elliott Andrew Teddy Kiersten Andrew Kiersten
Kiersten Rhea Dom N/A JaeMin Elliott Elliott Andrew 9
Dom JaeMin Elliott Teddy Andrew Elliott
MJ Rhea Dom N/A JaeMin Andrew Kiersten Andrew 4
Dom JaeMin Elliott Kiersten Andrew Kiersten
Teddy Rhea Dom N/A JaeMin Teddy Kiersten Andrew 8
Dom JaeMin Andrew Teddy Andrew Kiersten
Andrew Rhea Dom N/A JaeMin Elliott Elliott Elliott 14
Dom JaeMin Elliott Teddy Teddy Kiersten
JaeMin MJ Dom N/A MJ 9
Dom Andrew Teddy
Dom Rhea JaeMin 12
Teddy Andrew
Rhea MJ 5
Blue Team Episodes Total Votes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Drew Mario N/A Will Mario N/A Jen Jordan 4
Roy Mario Vince Mario Nic
Nic Mario N/A Nic Mario N/A Mario Jordan 5
Roy Nic Vince Drew Drew
Jordan Mario N/A Will Mario N/A Mario Jordan 5
Roy Mario Vince Drew Nic
Jen Mario N/A Will Mario N/A Mario 3
Roy Mario Vince Drew
Mario Will N/A Jordan Mario N/A Mario 21
Jen Nic Mario Jordan
Vince Mario N/A Will Vince 7
Roy Mario Vince
Will Will N/A Mario 8
Will Vince
Roy Will 5

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