The Challenge: Battle Dome
Battle Dome Logo
Version The Challenge
Season 22
Filming Location Future
Season Run September 16, 2016 -
October 18, 2016
Episodes 9
Host(s) Ryan & Jenn
Contestants 24
Winner(s) Kait Reid
Runner(s)-up Drew Heuser
Series Chronology
Previous Season 'Survivor: Sarawak'
Next Season 'The Amazing Race IV'

The Challenge: Battle Dome is the sixth season of The Challenge and the twenty-second installment on Ryan's Reality Network.


Applications for the season were first released on August 31, 2016. The application was done online. It consisted of general information about the applicants. the blog is RRNBattleDome and the tag is #RRNBattleDome.



Player Age Location Finish
Kait BD
Kait Reid Gold Stars 23 USA Winner
Drew BD
Drew Heuser Gold Stars 27 USA Runner-Up
Connor BD
Connor Wentworth Silver Stars 20 Australia 18th Eliminated
3rd Place
Jordan BD
Jordan Pines Bronze Stars 17 Canada 18th Eliminated
3rd Place
Lauren BD
Lauren Jirafarig Bronze Stars 23 USA 17th Eliminated
5th Place
Lexi BD
Lexi Taylor 19 USA 16th Eliminated
6th Place
Elliott BD
Elliott Hesson Diamond Stars 27 USA 15th Eliminated
7th Place
Kiersten BD
Kiersten Chomiak Gold Stars 19 Canada 14th Eliminated
8th Place
Karen BD
Karen Alvarez Bronze Stars 21 Canada 13th Eliminated
9th Place
Owen BD
Owen Hella Gold Stars 18 USA 14th Eliminated
10th Place
MJ Jones Gold Stars 18 USA 13th Eliminated
11th Place
Trevor BD
Trevor Mac Gold Stars 25 Canada 12th Eliminated
12th Place
Player Age Location Finish
Katie BD
Katie Cole Gold Stars 23 USA 11th Eliminated
13th Place
Adam BD
Adam Seitz Silver Stars 18 USA 10th Eliminated
14th Place
Jakey BD
Jake Mastro 18 USA 9th Eliminated
15th Place
Andrew BD
Andrew Gentile 20 USA 8th Eliminated
16th Place
Billy BD
Billy Dickson 22 USA 7th Eliminated
17th Place
Cole BD
Cole Kaminsky 19 USA Quit
18th Place
Gaston BD
Gaston Arsenault 22 Canada 6th Eliminated
19th Place
Luke BD
Luke Blackmore 18 USA 5th Eliminated
20th Place
Rhea BD
Rhea Giuliana Bronze Stars 22 Canada 4th Eliminated
21st Place
Ricky BD
Ricky Gee 18 USA 3rd Eliminated
22nd Place
David BD
David Robb Bronze Stars 20 USA 2nd Eliminated
23rd Place
Jason BD
Jason White Bronze Stars 17 USA 1st Eliminated
24th Place


This season of The Challenge features a brand new format, consisting of individuals competing as different teams in each round. The competitors will participate in numerous challenges called missions, which are followed by an elimination challenge, known as the "Battle Dome." The team who wins the challenge will win immunity from the Battle Dome.

The winning team members will then vote one of the losing teams into the Battle Dome. Each player will cast public votes to decide which team will battle in the Battle Dome. The winning players will rejoin their respective teams and stay in the game while the losing players will be eliminated from the game.



  • TBD:

Battle Dome


Game Summary

Elimination Chart

Episode Circle
Mission Winner Battle Dome Winner(s) Eliminated
1 Andrew Sharp Shooter Pink Team Target Practice Jakey Jason
Adam David
2 Jakey Countdown Red Team Count-Up Kiersten Ricky
Lexi Rhea
Kait Luke
Drew Gaston
3 Kiersten Piece It Together Yellow Team 3d Tetris Lauren Cole
Katie Billy
MJ Andrew
4 Lauren Patience Pink Team 6 NIMMT Trevor Jakey
5 Trevor Ballot Stuffer Lists Lists Lists Lauren Katie
Jordan Trevor
Owen MJ
6 Lauren You Don't Know
'Bout Me
Purple Team True or False Connor Owen
Jordan Karen
7 Connor Common Factor White Team Battle Trivia Lauren Kiersten
Lexi Elliott
8 Lauren Escape Black Team Hide Your Jewel Drew Lexi
9 Drew Grab The Orb Drew 7's Kait Jordan
Finale Finale Challenge Kait Drew

Battle Dome Progress

Players Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Finale
Kait Safe Dome Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Win Dome Winner
Drew Safe Dome Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Dome Win Runner Up
Connor Safe Win Win Safe Safe Dome Win Win Out
Jordan Safe Dome Safe Safe Dome Dome Win Win Out
Lauren Safe Win Dome Safe Dome Dome Dome Out
Lexi Win Dome Safe Win Safe Win Dome Out
Elliott Win Dome Safe Win Safe Win Out
Kiersten Win Dome Safe Win Safe Win Out
Karen Safe Win Win Safe Dome Out
Owen Safe Win Win Safe Dome Out
MJ Safe Win Dome Safe Out
Trevor Safe Win Win Dome Out
Katie Safe Win Dome Safe Out
Adam Dome Win Win Out
Jakey Dome Win Win Out
Andrew Win Dome Out
Billy Safe Win Out
Cole Safe Win Quit
Gaston Safe Out
Luke Safe Out
Rhea Safe Out
Ricky Safe Out
David Out
Jason Out


     The contestant's team won the competition.
     The contestant's team did not win the final challenge.
     The contestant's team won the Mission and was safe from the Battle Dome.
     The contestant's team lost the Mission, but the contestant was not chosen for the Battle Dome.
     The contestant won the Battle Dome.
     The contestant lost the Battle Dome and was eliminated.
     The contestant did not compete in the Battle Dome and was removed.
     The contestant was removed from the competition.

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