Team Sublime
Team sublime flag
Team Profile
Season 'TC: Battle of the Teams'
Rival Tribe(s) ██ Team e-LEMON-ators
██ Team Blackout
██ Team Hurricane
██ Team I Just Blue Myself
██ Team Orange Crush
██ Team Red-y To Kick Your Ass
██ Team Royal Rulers
Challenge Wins 0
Elimination Wins 0
Team Ranking 7th
Lowest Placing Members Sam Beyer & Staecia Kamekona
Episode 4
Highest Placing Members JaeMin Kim

Team Sublime was the green team on TC: Battle of the Teams


JaeMin K S1
 Changed Teams 
Joyce S S1
 Episode 5 
Sam B S1
 Episode 4 
Staecia K S1
 Episode 4 

New Team

Justin T S1
 Episode 7 
Katy B S1
 Episode 7 


Episode Challenge Placement
1 Who Are You? 6th
2 Don't Weigh Me Down 4th
3 Drunk Goggles 2nd
4 Climb Me 7th
6 Climb Me 6th
7 Climb Me 4th


Episode Reason Opponent Challenge Outcome
4 Lost Challenge ██ Team e-LEMON-ators 2048 Lost
7 Selected by ██ Team Blackout ██ Team e-LEMON-ators Tetris Lost

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