Survivor Trivia
Survivor Challenge
Description Get Survivor trivia questions correct first!
Appearance(s) 'Survivor: Cape Verde'
Game Link Link

Survivor Trivia is a challenge that originated in Survivor: Cape Verde.


 During this time I will randomly be asked Survivor Trivia questions in the main chat. The first person to answer the question correctly will earn a point for their tribe. In this challenge spelling will count! Also we will go based off who my Skype says answered first. No one will sit out in this challenge The two tribes with the highest combined scores will win immunity. The highest scoring individual from each tribe will win reward!


In Survivor: Cape Verde it was used as a Tribal Immunity and Individual Reward Challenge.

Episode Challenge Type Winner
Survivor: Cape Verde
Episode 3
Individual Reward Greg SCV
Nathan SCV
Tribal Immunity Maio Tarrafal

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