Outcast Island
Outcast Island Bones Header
Survivor Gameplay
Description An island for outcasts
Appearance(s) Survivor: Cape Verde

Outcast Island is a mixture between Exile Island, Redemption Island, and Snake Island (which was a twist used in Rockstar’s ORG, Survivor: Paranoia Island). When castaways are voted out of their tribes they will be sent to Outcast Island. Instead of competing in challenges to stay, the players on Outcast Island will function like a tribe going to Tribal Councils, or as they will be called, Outcast Councils. Basically, the players on Outcast Island will vote people off their island. People voted out of Outcast Island will be officially eliminated from the game. There will be opportunities for players on Outcast Island to come back into the game.


On Day 1, the castaways found out that 10 of them would be immediately going to Outcast Island. It is it's own island, independent of the other castaways and tribes. Here they would fight for Individual Immunity and vote out one of their own at their own Tribal Councils. However, every time someone is voted out of the game, they are sent to Outcast Island. At certain points of the game, castaways on Outcast Island will have the chance to make their way back into the game.

Twist History

In Survivor: Cape Verde the twist was initially introduced. 24 out of 31 players were picked for tribes, the remaining seven were sent to Outcast Island: