Liana Mills
Contestant Profile
Location United States
Age 23


Placement First Out

The Amazing Race II

Partner Chris Topher
Team Color Yellow
Legs Completed 12
Placement 5th

Liana Mills is a contestant on Endurance. She also competed on The Amazing Race II and The Amazing Race V: All Stars. You can find more information at the Chris & Liana page.


Liana Mills was a contestant on Endurance. Liana was eliminated after competing in the Fight To Stay challenge and ranking in the bottom six players.


Name (Age): Liana Mills (23)
Blog: persuasity
Team Designation: None
Occupation: Audiology Student
Favorite Food: Burgers
Favorite TV Show: How to get away with murder
Pet Peeve: People with no filter
Least Favorite Animal: Cockroach
Pineapple of Pizza?: I love pineapple and pizza.

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