Kugawa Ep. 2
Season Survivor: Kugawa
Episode Number 2
Episode Chronology
Previous Kugawa Ep. 1
Next Kugawa Ep. 3

TBA is the second episode of Survivor: Kugawa.




Winner (according to finish): Bunia, Goma, Fizi, Ango, Poko, & Kiri

Immunity Challenge: Slide Puzzle
Placement Tribe Participants
1st Bunia Dan SKRhea SKShannon SK
Dan, Rhea & Shannon
2nd Goma Elliot SKNic SKSimon SK
Elliot, Nic & Simon
3rd Fizi Casey SKCatherine SKMatt SK
Casey, Catherine & Matt
4th Ango Bran SKDavid SKJess SKMario SK
Bran, David, Jess & Mario
5th Poko Adam SKJason SKKatie SK
Adam, Jason & Katie
6th Kiri Brittany SKChrissa SKGreg SKIsaiah SKJeff SK
Brittany, Chrissa, Greg, Isaiah & Jeff
7th Uvira Nick SKNorbert SKRobert SK
Nick, Norbert & Robert

Tribal Council

Tribal Council #2:
Norbert SK
Norbert Nichols (3 votes)
Nick SKNorbert SKRobert SK
Nick, Norbert & Robert
Norbert SK
Norbert Nichols

Still in the Running

Dan SKRhea SKShannon SKAdam SKJason SKKatie SKBrittany SKChrissa SKIsaiah SKCasey SKCatherine SKMatt SK
Elliot SKNic SKSimon SKNick SKRobert SKBran SKDavid SKJess SKMario SKGreg SKJeff SK
Norbert SK
Mandy SK

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