Josh Knowles

Josh SES

Josh FA

Josh C S1 contestant

Contestant Profile
Location Georgia, United States
Age 19
Blog IkaWonton

Teammate      Masen
Mission Wins 0
Exile Wins 0
Votes Against 0
Placement 11/12

Tribe(s) Whitacre
Placement 3/18
Challenge(s) Won 7
Vote(s) Against 7
Day(s) Lasted 42

Challenge Wins 1
Arena Wins 1
Votes Against 1
Placement 4/28


Team ██ Team I Just Blue Myself
██ Team Blackout
Placement 19/20
Challenge Wins 0
Arena Wins 0
Power Team 0

Josh Knowles is a contestant on TC: Battle of the Teams, TC: Free Agents, Survivor: Eternal Sonata & TC: Fresh Meat.

Josh, like many of the RRN alumni, hails from The Challenge: Battle of the Teams where he played quite a vanilla game until he was called upon to be a member of Team Black Out along with Jade, Mario, and Jaemin. He was a player of controversy as he was accused of never being able to make a move to get Mario and JaeMin in the arena. Due to lack of ability to survive the vote on Team Black Out, Josh found himself in the arena with Jade where they were eliminated paving the way for Mario and JaeMin to survive another day. In The Challenge: Free Agents Josh had returned for Redemption as he took advantage of the required social game for that season making the alliances and connections required to get him to the end where he placed 4th.

Battle of the Teams

He was on Team I Just Blue Myself along with Jade Cassiopeia, Jen Wyatt and Wes Williams. In Episode 5 there was a team switch, he ended up on Team Blackout along with Jade Cassiopeia, JaeMin Kim & Mario Johnson.

The Challenge: Free Agents

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