Island Runner
Survivor Challenge
Description Get the highest score possible!
Appearance(s) 'Survivor: Cape Verde'
Game Link Link

Island Runner is a challenge that originated in Survivor: Cape Verde.


Island Runner is a never ending running adventure that will give you the thrill that can fill any gamer void that are looking for fast action in a Robot Unicorn Attack style game with loads of characters and upgrades to buy within the game to make your game a whole lot more exciting. Run for as long as you can, jumping huge voids and collecting money and power ups along the way but watch out as not all of the mystery boxes are going to give you a helpful boost, instead they could make life a whole lot harder!


In Survivor: Cape Verde it was used as a Individual Immunity Challenge.

Episode Challenge Type Winner
Survivor: Cape Verde
Episode 8
Individual Immunity Mario SCV
Mario Johnson
Roy Jenkins

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