Endurance Ep. 5
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Season 'Endurance'
Episode Number 5/5
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Previous Endurance Ep. 4

Endurance Ep. 5 is the fifth and finale episode of Endurance.

Temple Mission

Temple Mission - We will be throwing a wrench in your plans by skipping the last Endurance Mission. Adaptability isn’t one of your pieces but you are going to need it this week!

Welcome to your last Temple Mission! For this mission you will be fighting to earn two things. The winning pair of this challenge will get the power to give out the Samadhi to another team as well as the Strength piece.

The Samadhi, a Buddhist term for contemplation, is rewarded to the team who wins each Endurance Mission along with the pyramid piece. That team has the option to give it to any other team they want, and what’s inside will seriously handicap the chosen team in the following day’s Temple Mission.

You will be competing in Flip Out! Each team will have a spot on a grid, you will have to navigate around the grid and be the last team standing. Every time you move to a new spot, your old spot is no longer usable.

This will be a live challenge where you will need to be on call and be able to view the board. All teams must have at least 1 representative available.

Endurance Flip Out

Endurance Mission

Endurance Mission - Wow what a twist of a week. Before we get to the Finale there is the business of Pyramid Pieces to get to. In your final challenge you must earn all the pieces to win, but between the two teams you only have 4 of the 10. Hidden on the blog are the final 6 pieces for you to obtain. In order to get the pieces you must search the blog for them by going to six digit code). In six of those combinations there will be a pieces. Once you find a pieces copy the link into the main game chat and your team gets that pieces. Once all the piece have been found the challenge is over.

Commitment Piece Discipline Piece Heart Piece Knowledge Piece Perserverance Piece Strength Piece
Black Team Black Team Black Team Red Team Black Team Red Team

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