Endurance Logo
Version Endurance
Season 16
Season Run March 26, 2016-
April 16, 2016
Episodes 5
Host(s) Ryan
Contestants 20
Winner(s) Black Team
Runner(s)-up Red Team
Series Chronology
Previous Season 'Survivor: The Lost City'
Next Season 'The Amazing Race III'

Endurance is the first season of Endurance and the sixteenth installment on Ryan's Reality Network where twenty people will be dropped off in the Pacific Islands, and will compete against each other in both physical and mental challenges, with hopes of staying in the game. In the end, only one team will be left standing, and will take home the grand prize. They leave behind all friends, family, cell phones, television and electricity, people from all corners of the world join together not knowing what adventures and challenges await them.


Applications for the season were first released on March 14, 2016. The application was done online. It consisted of general information about the applicants. the blog is RNN Endurance and the tag is #RRNEndurance.



Team Team Position
Drew End
Drew Heuser Gold Stars
26, United States USA
Jenna End
Jenna Tibby Gold Stars
17, United States USA
Black Team 1st
Connor End
Connor Wentworth Silver Stars
19, Australia Australia
Junior End
Junior Herrera Gold Stars
21, United States USA
Red Team 2nd
Kait End
Kait Reid Gold Stars
23, United States USA
Kiersten End
Kiersten Chomiak Gold Stars
19, Canada Canada
Green Team 3rd
Jason End
Jason White Bronze Stars
16, United States USA
Karen End
Karen Alvarez Bronze Stars
20, Canada Canada
Purple Team 4th
Rhea End
Rhea Giuliana Bronze Stars
21, Canada Canada
Ricardo End
Ricardo Kardashian
14, Venezuela Venezuela
Yellow Team 5th
Lexi End
Lexi Taylor
18, United States USA
Owen End
Owen Hella Gold Stars
18, United States USA
Blue Team 6th
Jake End
Jake Mastro
17, United States USA
Jordan End
Jordan Pines Bronze Stars
16, Canada Canada
Orange Team 7th
Right to Stay Eliminations
Image Info Image Info
Ricky End
Ricky Gee
17, United States USA
Emma End
Emma Lee
16, Canada Canada
Liana End
Liana Mills Bronze Stars
23, United States USA
Regan End
Regan White
17, United States USA
AJ End
AJ Lourd
14, United States USA
Lauren End
Lauren Jirafarig Bronze Stars
22, United States USA

Episode List

Episode Endurance Winner Samadhi Temple Winner Temple of Fate
Winner Eliminated
1 Endurance Ep. 1 Egg Smash Blue Team Green Team Music Mayhem Red Team Black Team Orange Team
2 Endurance Ep. 2 Vote Count Purple Team Yellow Team Stacking Blocks Green Team Black Team Blue Team
3 Endurance Ep. 3 Idol Grab Black Team Green Team Slingshots Green Team Black Team Yellow Team
4 Endurance Ep. 4 Hive Bracket Green Team Black Team This Is Sparta Green Team Black Team Purple Team
5 Endurance Ep. 5 Flip Out Red Team Black Team Green Team
Black Team Red Team

Pyramid Piece History

Endurance Pyramid Piece History
Episode # Pieces
Commitment Piece
Courage Piece
Discipline Piece
Heart Piece
Knowledge Piece
Leadership Piece
Luck Piece
Perserverance Piece
Strength Piece
Teamwork Piece
1 Endurance
2 Endurance
3 Endurance Endurance
4 Endurance Endurance

Elimination Table

Endurance Elimination Table
Teams Challenges
E1 T1 F1 E2 T2 F2 E3 T3 F3 E4 T4 F4 T5 F5 F6
Drew & Jenna 5 2 Win 3 4 Win Win 3 Win 2 2 Win 3 Win Winners
Connor & Junior 4 Win Safe 4 2 Safe - 2 Safe 3 4 Safe Win Safe Runner-Up
Kait & Kiersten 7 3 Safe 2 Win Safe - Win Safe Win Win Safe 2 Out
Jason & Karen 6 4 Safe Win 3 Safe - 5 Safe 3 3 Out
Rhea & Ricardo 2 7 Safe 6 5 Safe - 4 Out
Lexi & Owen Win 5 Safe 5 6 Out
Jake & Jordan 3 6 Out

Colors significance

     (FIRST) This team won the final Temple of Fate and became Endurance Champs.
     (SECOND) This team lost the final Temple of Fate and became the runners-up.
     (WIN) This team won the Endurance Mission.
     (WIN) This team won the Temple Mission.
     (WIN) This team won the Temple Mission and was handicapped with the Samadhi.
     (SAMDHI) This team was handicapped with the Samadhi.
     (SAFE) This team didn't win the challenge, but didn't go to Temple or receive the Samadhi.
     (TEMPLE) This team won at the Temple of Fate and avoided elimination.
     (OUT) This team lost at the Temple of Fate and was eliminated.

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