Cookie Game
Survivor Challenge
Description Get as close to 10 cookies as possible!
Appearance(s) 'Survivor: Cape Verde'
Game Link Link

Cookie Game is a challenge that originated in Survivor: Cape Verde.


Everyone starts out with eight cookies. You have to give all of your cookies away. You can distribute them however you want, to yourself and the other people. The goal is to get exactly 10 cookies, but not go over. If you go over you are automatically out of the challenge. If you are under, say 9 cookies, and no one has 10 cookies, then you win.

EXAMPLE : I have eight cookies. I give four to myself, two to Baylor, one to Natalie, and one to Jaclyn.

EXAMPLE 2 : I have eight cookies, I’m giving them all to myself

EXAMPLE 3 : I have eight cookies, I’m giving all eight to Missy.

Remember the goal is to get 10 cookies exactly. Please don’t cheat and talk to other people about how many cookies your giving or getting. Because I will snuff all of your torches with a smile on my face.


In Survivor: Cape Verde it was used as a Individual Immunity Challenge.

Episode Challenge Type Winner
Survivor: Cape Verde
Episode 10
Individual Immunity Duncan SCV
Duncan Frazier

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