Chris Topher
Chris HoF
Contestant Profile
Location United States
Age 24
Blog TBD

Survivor: Animal Crossing

Tribe(s) Pink
► Fantasia
Placement 12/20
Challenge(s) Won 3
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 17

Mind Mayhem

Team TBD
Advantage Wins TBD
Trivia Wins TBD
Safety Wins TBD
Placement TBD

The Amazing Race II

Partner Liana Mills
Team Color Yellow
Legs Completed 10
Placement 5th

Chris Topher is a contestant on Mind Mayhem & Survivor: Animal Crossing. He also competed on The Amazing Race II and The Amazing Race V: All Stars. You can find more information at the Chris & Liana page.

Survivor: Animal Crossing

Chris Topher was a contestant on Survivor: Animal Crossing.

Voting History

Chris Topher's Voting History
Episode Chris Topher's
Voted Against
Chris Topher
1 Pink Tribe Immune
2 Fantasia Tribe Immune
3 Fantasia Tribe Immune
4 Madison -
5 Mitch Mitch
6 Lydia Chris G., Chris P., Jess,
Lindsay & Lydia
Voted Off, Day 17

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