Cape Verde Finale
Cape Verde Logo
Survivor Challenge
Description The Cape Verde Final Immunity Challenge!
Appearance(s) 'Survivor: Cape Verde'
Game Link Link

Cape Verde Finale is the Final Immunity Challenge in Survivor: Cape Verde.


For this challenge you will have 3 parts. You must submit for each part of this challenge. If you had the best score in that part, you will get 4 points, if you get 2nd you will get 3 points and so on. This will be the case for all three parts. The person with the most amount of points at the end will win Immunity.


Placement Puzzle Bubble Spinner 2 King of Buttons Final Points
1st Anthony SCV
Anthony Rhoads
24:42 3 points 1335 4 points 106752 4 points 11 points
2nd Dane SCV
Dane Pitts
25:16 2 points 912 3 points 88295 3 points 8 points
Owen SCV
Owen Hella
12:41 4 points 830 2 points 27620 2 points 8 points
3rd Conor SCV
Conor Yates
29:39 1 point -28 1 point 20180 1 point 3 points

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